This page details the accessibility adjustments made on the site and the ways in which surfers can adapt the site to their needs. Why we make the website accessible?

According to recent estimates, about 20-25% of the general public in Cyprus encounter difficulties in using and accessing the Internet. Our company sees great importance in the accessibility of its services (and the accessibility of Internet services in general) to the general public.

Detail mechanisms supporting accessibility on the site.

Ability to move between all parts of the website using the TAB key. Option to change contrast colors.


The contents of the site were written as much as possible in simple and clear language. We do everything to ensure that any visual information or link has alternative text and titles to explain it to the visually impaired and transcription devices.


The site was built using html5 tags such as section, article and nav. The website pages were written in a semantically correct way. The site has been adapted for browsing from both mobile and stationary devices. Browser support – the site is optimized for Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, and smartphones Based on Apple’s iOs or Google’s Android. The site allows use and navigation using the TAB key even without using a mouse. The site has been adapted for browsing with the help of the accessibility aids built into the Windows operating system (Windows 7 / Windows 8).
The site has also been adapted for browsing with external screen readers, and has been tested and found to be working for the popular NVDA screen reader.

Did you encounter a problem? Tell us!

We try to keep and maintain the site at the best level. If you find and/or encounter difficulties browsing the site, do not hesitate to report to:
The email address is

In order for us to handle the problem in the best way, please include as many details as possible.
We will handle the problem and get back to you as soon as possible with details on how to handle it.
Updated on 28.02.2023

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